Dice Wars 2: Strategy game with dice

Dice Wars 2

Dice Wars is a board strategy game which is played using dice (lots of them actually). Dice wars is similar to Risk game, but has different maps, strategies and rules. Dice Wars 2 allows you to play against 1-5 bots or play 1v1 network games against random opponent or your friends.

What’s New in Dice Wars 2
  • You can invite your friend!
  • Added bonus tiles (see gameplay for details)
  • Moved dice roll popup to the bottom of screen (less annoying)
  • As always we keep our “No ads during gameplay” approach, but aside from them removed double triple ads from being popped up randomly in menus. (should be less annoying)
  • New UI (Yay!)
  • Now you can save your games and watch them later or share with your friends
  • Improvement in backend (the server) it should feel lighter and work faster than before
  • and there are many “invisible” changes in version 2 including network, performance, some bug fixes, etc.

What it looks like…

Dice Wars 472 473 474 475


Gameplay Single player

Dice Wars is turn based game. At the beginning of game there are tiles on which you can see piles of 1-8 dice. Human player is playing with blue colored dice. Other players have dice of different colors and neutral player has gray dice. On your turn you can attack each tile which is adjacent to your own tile. To attack tile you need to select tile from which you want to attack and then tile which you want to attack. Attacking tile means that you are rolling all your dice on your tile and opponent is rolling his dice. If the sum of your dice is bigger than sum of opponents dice then you left 1 die behind and move rest of your dice to opponents tile removing his rices from board. If sum of your dice smaller or equal to sum of opponents dice then he successfully defended and you loose all your dice on that tile except for one die which remains on its place. Neutral player is like other players, but it never attacks anybody. When all your moves are done you need to hit “End Turn” button (Thumb up) to finish your turn. At the end of turn you will randomly get some dice to your tiles. Number of dice is equal to the area of largest connected area you have (plus bonuses).

Your goal is to remove all opponents dice from board.

Gameplay Network

Network game rules are the same as single player. In order to start network game you need to hit Find Opponent or Invite buttons. When other player does the same you will be matched and your game will start.  Currently there are only 1v1 network games available.

Simple Replays from our players

Please note that web replay is still in demo stage

Gameplay video

Links to download Dice Wars







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